1.To utterly destroy or wreck something or someone.
2.Also could be taken as a sexual referance in which you would have her gasping.
1. I pwned the boss.
2. I pwned her asshole
by Ishwa vergado March 23, 2018
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A misspelling of own, this surprisingly popular term is used to describe owning someone. The word has been referenced in video games like Terraria a with the Pwnhammer.
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by SkeletonGuy November 13, 2018
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To own hard core. It can never be spelt Powned because thats just the way it is.
"DUUUDEE you just got PWNED"
by Ohyeahher May 20, 2010
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A word like 6th graders use to basically say go fuck yourself. The reason they say pwn instead of go fuck yourself, is because there moms won't let them say fuck yet.
Guy 1: Did I am going to pwn you in mario cart you won't know what hit you.

Guy 2: Dude I hate to tell you but your dead just died of prostate cancer.

Guy1: I'm still gonna pwn your ass
by QWEEWRTFYGUHIJ October 11, 2018
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