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the one and only mmo-ARGH-pg in which you learn to live the way of the pirate... the puzzle pirate that is, you start of as a filthy scoundrel wearing rags and begging for PoE (pieces of eight / the currency of puzzle pirates), you can move up to being part of a crew or even being the captain of a crew, there are tons of jobs and they're all quite are varied, the way the jobs work is (you guessed it!) you get to solve puzzles... from tetris-like to bejeweled-like games, quite a lot of fun honestly.

if you're sick of the typical mmorpg template, i suggest you give this little FREE game a try, it's quite fun.

"puzzle pirates is quite a good online game"
by oriya May 16, 2005
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excellent MMORPG, based on the world of swashbuckling pirates, lads, bucaneers and sea scoundrels. male and female alike! there is no discrimination in the world of puzzle pirates.

the game is based around puzzles, naturally... duties like sailing, bilge pumping, navigating, carpentry, cannon operating and the like can be done while at sea, while on an island one can duel other pirates, deposit money into a bank, purchase excellent clothing, swords, materials and even a fancy boat of your own... you must look into joining a crew also, loner pirates are seldom seen. it is also capital that you learn to beat other pirates in the drinking game, perhaps the best articulated puzzle in the game.
"puzzle pirates is fucking fun!"
by oriya May 13, 2005
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Puzzle pirates (Otherwise known as PP, or, formally, Y!PP (Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates) is an online Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game. In this game, ye are a pirate, and ye do all ye can to become one of three things:
1. Rich. This is most people's goals, as in most games.
2. Powerful. This means having a big flag or crew, (Possibly governing an island), or having influence.
3. An ultimate of ultimates. This is where in every puzzle statistic you have on your pirate page, you have an Ultimate (The highest standing.) This is a trophy, and like all other trophies, you can show it on your piratey page, along with your stats, your crew, flag, and your portrait, (your piratey picture!)

Many pirates, including me, play the game for the Social Puzzle. This is not ACTUALLY a puzzle, of course, but is where you talk and play with other pirates, for fun.

When you first start the game, your name will be green. This signifies to others you are a new player. Over your first 12 hours of play, your name will become less green and more yellow. When it is fully yellow, you are an average pirate. After playing for 6 months, and 200 hours with no suspensions, (Half-bans) or blackspots (When ye are banned from talking for a while) in the last three months, you can become a Greeter. Greeters have pink names, have access to greeter chat, (though it is not going to be around for long) And are there to help greenies understand the game. If ye are 18+ and ye apply for the job at OOO, the three rings, (company that runs puzzle pirates) You become an Ocean Master, to help with petitions (Questions) and complaints, or a Ringer, someone who develops the game. Both of these occupations will give you a blue name. (All ocean masters and Ringers have names of Ancient Gods.).

As of so far, there are six oceans. Midnight and Cobalt are subscriber oceans, which means to get certain things you have to pay with a credit card/other types of payment, and the items are cheaper. Viridian, Sage, Hunter and Opal are doubloon oceans, meaning they are free, and you have things called Doubloons on them (You can trade for PoE). Opal is the newest of these and is a German ocean.

Items. There are LOADS of items. These range from Skulls, (Recieved if you are still alive at the end of a Skellie fight) to things like Grand Frigates, the biggest ship on the game, it holds more than 100 pirates, and to Elephants and other pets.

Clothes, Familiars and weapons. Clothes come in any colour and many different items of clothing in colours ranging from Tan, the cheapest, to Gold/Black clothes, the most expensive combination.
Familiars are one of three types of animal- Monkeys, Octopi, and Parrots. Monkeys and Octopi come in a single colour, while Parrots come in more than one colour.
These range in cost from 400,000 Pieces of Eight, to over 4 million. Having one signifies you as an elite.
Weapons are basically items you use in a wagered puzzle to increase (Or, depending on the puzzle and item, decrease..) your chances of winning. The three types you can get are: Swords, Mugs, and Bludgeons (For rumble, basically a boxing-like game).
I find the most challenging and thrilling game Swordfighting, though I enjoy Battle Navigation (Using a ship to move about a board and shoot the opposing ship), a bit of rumble every now and then, some poker when I feel like losing PoE, and Hearts or Spades when I'm in a good mood.
They recently introduced a new puzzle called Treasure Haul, used in a blockade or a flotilla (Floating blockade) when your ship is next to a sunken ship, and by doing this puzzle you loot their treasure!

I'm going to tell you about some of Y!PP's rules.
No cursing in public after people have asked you not to- there's a filter on the Options menu to change the words to piratey ones, comicify them (E.g. %^Β£"!) drop the message, or leave the words unfiltered.
No stealing from ships.
No using an alternate character to highten your main character's skill levels.
No creating a greenie account to gain PoE.
No abusing your rank to make people think you're worse than you are.
No hacking, or speed hacking. (Using a program to make you SF/Rumble/other puzzle faster)
No scamming.
No harassing.

Unfortunately, things like cybersex DO happen a little on Y!PP, but it's hard to crack down on it.
On the lighter side of those related topics, you ARE allowed to have a 'girlfriend' online, and you're allowed to have Piratey weddings. In fact, ye can even buy a ring or a band from the Palace Shoppe!

That should be enough for now- if ye want to know anymore, look it up in YPPedia, the online Y!PP information site, or find me in-game.
In a poker game in Puzzle Pirates: (Fake names)
Puzzlebaby says, "hahaha i haz um royal flush lolol"
River: 8 Diamonds.
Puzzlebaby bets 2002.
Wtfbbqsauce raises 8000.
Puzzlebaby raises all in.
Wtfbbqsauce calls.
Puzzlebaby: Two pairs.(K K Q Q 9)
Wtfbbqsauce: Straight flush. (K Q J 10 9)
Wtfbbqsauce wins 23,042 from the main pot.
Puzzlebaby says, "omgg u is haxing so badly"
by Lubricant June 13, 2007
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Lame MMORPG for people who have no hand-eye coordination and can't play games like Call of Duty.
Also, there are lots of 6 year olds on it who go up to female pirates and call them sexy, babe, hott, etc.
Another common phenomina is kids who call older people kids as though the name-callers themselves were some intelligent Baby-Boomer-Age adults.
Mitch -Hey man, I was playing Puzzle Pirates the other day and ---

Mike - Ew, dude, you play that game? You're a freakin queer.
*Exits room*

Example of children:

Omg, j00r p1rat3 hav3 nic3 b00b. C@n i tOuch tHEm pl0z???

Get lost. *mutes*

Omg, you are sooooo immature!!!11!1eleven!one

Uhm... May I ask why?

Bcuz you just keep winning poker! Not fair!!! Go back to kindergarden, you noob!!!!!!!!oneoneeleven!

hookhandhank: you know the age limit on here is 13.... right?

YEAH, my mom made this account. HEY, that means you shouldn't be playing nub!!!! OMG REPORTING!!!!oneeleven!

hookhandhank: *Mutes iamgodlulztoocool* *Reports iamgodlulztoocool for his underaged-ness*
by IoaB May 30, 2010
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