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1. A coin worth two Spanish Reals, can be broken into pieces of eight, which are each worth a quarter real.

2. A two dollar bill

3. A pair of tits.
Baby, I'm finna stick this green ass doubloon in your chrissy, then lick those silly cone doubloons of yours, I'm feeling double the amount of loony tunes tonight tricken ass thot.
by Chestnut and Hazel April 09, 2019
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1. The official currency of pirates. Almost always made of pure gold, but occasionally of silver as well. All have some form of the Jolly Roger struck on one side. The majority of pirate booty is gold doubloons.

2. In the United States, Sacajawea or Presidential dollar coins, especially new, shiny ones.
Pirate 1: Y'arr, what be yer share of the booty, matey?
Pirate 2: Eighty-five gold doubloons! ARRRGH!
Pirate 1: We'd best be gettin' to the tavern, then, there's a lot of wenching and drinking to do!
Pirate 2: Y'ARRRRRR!

Bob: I had to use a 20 in the ticket machine on the subway. Fuckin' thing gave me 18 doubloons for change.
by Capt. Jack Daniels March 17, 2009
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a nickname for the new year of 2011

a mix of "double" and "une" (French for "one") (ish)

also, doubloons can be pirates treasure, perhaps signifying this new Golden Age of (online) Piracy?!

plus, it just rolls off the tongue much easier than "Twenty eleven" does.
-Well, Doubloon is off to a great start!

-They said the movie comes out in the Summer of Doubloon, but didn't give a specific date yet.

-2010 was kind of lame, hopefully Doubloon is better!
by pirate_fetus January 01, 2011
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