to buckle swashes, to fight with swords brutally and in full pirate regalia (must include dagger, sword, eye patch, peg leg, great big pirate captain hat, know, the works.)
The famous sea captain, Bluebeard, was quite the buckler of might say, he had a knack for swashbuckling.
by hailtopiracy September 1, 2005
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The occurrence of two penises coming in contact. Can be for the purpose of comparative measurement or the purpose of play. The movement generally resembles the sword fighting technique of pirates.
Curious about the status of their respective manhood , Joey and Shmoolie spent the better part of the afternoon swashbuckling.
by jeromino111 November 1, 2010
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The sexual act of two guys penetrating a girl at the same time; one in the vagina, one in the anus. Although completely hetero in nature, it can involve penis to penis sword play that may make one or more of the male parties uncomfortable.
Dude, your girlfriend is really kinky. I just don't know if I can handle swashbuckling with you.
by pauliejr October 6, 2006
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The act of child molestation, in most cases involving a large sea-farring man and his extraordinary member.
"Oh damn look at that handsome piece of ass swashbuckling my son....Awesome!"
by Cock washer February 16, 2008
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Multiple meanings:

1. An extravagant swordsperson or adventurer of some sort.
2. A sword-weiling hero/villain/person
3. A play, movie, or book dealing with a swashbuckler, one who swashbuckles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SWASHBUCKLERS ARE NOT ALWAYS PIRATES! Yes, most pirates are swashbucklers, but not all swashbucklers are pirates! Also, not all pirates OR swashbucklers are MALE! Get it? Got it? Good.
1 & 2. In that movie, he plays a dashing swashbuckler.
3. 'What kind of books do you read?'
'Oh, mostly fantasy tales and swashbucklers.'
by Nightie March 29, 2005
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To rage, bring on shenanigans, and consume questionable amounts of alcoholic beverages.
Dude, we are going to swashbuckle next week. You in?

Me and my friends swashbuckled at that bar last night, it was a good night.

Let's swashbuckle!
by djSURGE May 17, 2010
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