the part of a womans chest that gives men erection.
Wow man did you see those b00bs on that chick?
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
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A Clan iCu* Team Member

we got yer b00bies

iCu*b00b - can be found playing ns:co, urt, and dc :p
by Gate December 17, 2003
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womens breats or a stupid noobie fuck who uses a para in a war then flashes the entire team and we get ch0pped by a fag with a TMP (not naming anyone)
Me: you fucking b00b... fucking hell what was that
BlackmagiC: that was my best throw
Me: stupid b00b
BlackmagiC: I'm a total ch3353

P.S. us australian cs players will ch0p you stupid b00bs
by .:: {GOD} ::. NOSGOD May 30, 2004
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A kick ass Navy Seals and FPS player! Also one who hangs out regularly in the BiM Barn and has sex0r with animals!
I fragged some nubs on ns_hideout with iCu*b00b and then we both tag teams Dan's Llama till it bled!
by Thrymm February 18, 2004
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A guy with little or no experience with a girl
Guy 1: Did you hear? John had a girl over at his house last night.
Guy 2: John told me they didn't even get to first base
Guy 1: What a B00b N00b
by eurogurl July 21, 2010
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The younger version of Mags from the Hunger Games, she is the mother everyone wishes they had.
I love you Saggy B00bs you're awesome!
by y33tyeet January 27, 2021
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They’re big and small
B00BS can sometimes be saggy and make sure no one sucks on them according to gabby Padilla
by Hahahaha gabbys bestfriend February 20, 2020
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