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Lame MMORPG for people who have no hand-eye coordination and can't play games like Call of Duty.
Also, there are lots of 6 year olds on it who go up to female pirates and call them sexy, babe, hott, etc.
Another common phenomina is kids who call older people kids as though the name-callers themselves were some intelligent Baby-Boomer-Age adults.
Mitch -Hey man, I was playing Puzzle Pirates the other day and ---

Mike - Ew, dude, you play that game? You're a freakin queer.
*Exits room*

Example of children:

Omg, j00r p1rat3 hav3 nic3 b00b. C@n i tOuch tHEm pl0z???

Get lost. *mutes*

Omg, you are sooooo immature!!!11!1eleven!one

Uhm... May I ask why?

Bcuz you just keep winning poker! Not fair!!! Go back to kindergarden, you noob!!!!!!!!oneoneeleven!

hookhandhank: you know the age limit on here is 13.... right?

YEAH, my mom made this account. HEY, that means you shouldn't be playing nub!!!! OMG REPORTING!!!!oneeleven!

hookhandhank: *Mutes iamgodlulztoocool* *Reports iamgodlulztoocool for his underaged-ness*
by IoaB May 30, 2010
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