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a female capable of frequently having casual sexual relations with different partners and is completely undiscriminative in the choice of sexual partners, hence being appreciated by everyone she knows. also known as a sex saint.
"my girlfriend is NOT a slut, she just a good practicioner of harlotry"
"i would love to go out with you, i am a harlot after all!"
by oriya May 10, 2005

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sabaku no gaara (or gaara of the desert), born the youngest child of the kazekage and brother to temari and kankuro. a demon (shukaku) was sealed inside him at a VERY early age and made his life miserable henceforth, he went on to unconciously kill his mother, and the sand village basically wanted him dead, although they never succeeded at killing the child. not unlike a timebomb, gaara became a vile shinobi and felt an inate need to kill others... that is until he learned from naruto that there are other ways of dealing with pain and the overall antics of being a shinobi.

his abilities are ridiculously powerful and resourceful, for example the handseal that creates the avalanche of sand, capable of burying opponents alive and then creating a shockwave (sabaku taiso) to obliterate them.
it would be really stupid to underestimate gaara.
by oriya June 13, 2005

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Although different in concept to other MMORPGs, Guild Wars has proved to be a creditable and righteous game for people familiar with the genre. Even newbies will find this game all sorts of fun, as it is not hard to learn the basics of the game.
The main jobs available thus far are:

You can combine to have any one as a primary/secondary job and get attributes from both (but only the special attribute of your primary job).
Quests are a lot of fun and the graphics are a delight.

I've been malspending my money playing FFXI, a game in which you payed a monthly fee and you had so much of a hard time getting Gil (FFXI currency) that 90% of the people actually buy it online... This sort of nonsense is not seen in Guild Wars. Get this game if you're a fan of the likes of World of Warcraft.
I've been playing Guild Wars for a month now, it's great!
by oriya June 01, 2005

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The band responsible for making goth/synth pop accessible, not by making it by any means 'accessible' but just really releasing well-crafted music that was filled with a beautiful emotion... Gore's music and Gahan's vocals are worthy of praise.
DM pioneered the dark side of synth pop to the masses.
by oriya June 01, 2005

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neji hyuga, from the naruto anime, he is one of the higher skilled shinobi of his rank, he uses a bloodline technique called byakugan (translating simply to white eyes), which allows him to see at 360 degrees and even see the enemy's chakra. neji is really hot, he has long hair and a swastika seal on his forehead... he is also known as the caged bird.
"neji pwns all"
"neji's byakugan is more efficient than sasuke's sharingan"
by oriya April 21, 2005

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a narutard is a person who is completely tits about the infamous series of fine japanese animation about a bunch of ninja kids otherwise known as naruto. these days, anyone can be a narutard, given the success of the series, and it is believed than %.00112454268 of the population in the world today is indeed a narutard.
any anime club, organization and/or convention is guilty of narutardation (existing and fellow narutards) and narutardization (act of turning other people into narutards).

be forewarned.
"omg, kurenai is hottt... haha i'm such a narutard!"
"omg, you are a narutard! ...but kurenai is still hottttt"
"omg, naruto own!"
"omg, no way... gaara owns!"
"omg, dude... kankuro!!!"
"omg, like the akatsuki man..."
"omg, the akatsuki are sweet!"
"omg, i'm gunna cosplay as kiba!!!"
by oriya May 31, 2005

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Puppeteer shinobi of the sand village, brother of gaara and temari. A formidable adversary due to his ability to control puppets and use kawarimi (replacement technique) through them. Kankuro wears kabuki make-up and talks like a thespian because he's teh awesome.
"did you see the fight between sakon/ukon and kankuro?"
"man, kankuro pwned that other guy in the chuunin exams"
by oriya April 21, 2005

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