Someone who you can make a movie about and have it be interesting they are quirky and not basic
You guys are the main characters“
by .meagansmith May 19, 2020
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Usually the character in a story of any kind, book, movie, TV show, who has the most importance in the story and does the most to support the plot. Most of the action should follow the main character.

*Something that animes such as Naruto and Bleach do not have*

Hermione Granger is a main character; Harry Potter should have been cast as an extra (supporting character at best)

Naruto has about 15 main characters; not a single one of them are developed enough to actually have an important role in the story. Naruto has the fox, without him, Naruto would be useless. Sasuke has the cool eyes now thanks to Itachi, without Itachi, Sasuke would be useless. The Hokages all suck, every other ninja is pretty much pointless. The anime should be called Itachi, instead of Naruto.

"I really dislike authors that make stories without a main character; that way you have no way of bsing on a quiz over reading. Usually you just write down the first name you see on the back of the book"

"Why is the series called Harry Potter? He doesn't really do anything apart from not listen to Hermione"

"I agree completely, they should change all of the books to Hermione Granger and...blah blah... featuring Harry Potter"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 3, 2008
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When someone thinks they are the main character of their life. Usually comes with a side of individuality complex, quirky style and a self centered point of view.
"I asked Jenny where the beer was and she said 'Just over the horizon, like my dreams.'"

"Yeah, that girl has a major case of Main Character Syndrome."
by penisshakes April 27, 2021
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A type of condition characterized by one feeling as though the are destined to become a Main Character, through possessing attributes and/or having events happen in their life that cause them to become like the protagonist of any fictional story; having to go on a journey to locate and/or save something or someone, using unique talents or skills to forward mankind, having one's home taken away from them at an early age, and losing a loved one to an illness are all potential instances for Main Character Syndrome to occur.
"A small orphaned boy who grows up to be a prominent lawyer in his district once had Main Character Syndrome.
by XeonV December 22, 2009
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When people think they're the main character of the world and think all their opinions and views matter and are correct. They believe they can change people and have huge positive impacts on everyone's life just like the main character from a movie or series. Because of this belief, they usually try to be involved in every conflict and in everyone's life instead of just minding their own business.
"Why won't Melissa just stay out of this? She has nothing to do with it"
"She has main character syndrome, just tell her to go away"

"So many people are starting to show main character syndrome on social media these days"
"omg yea, it's so annoying"
by factman11 November 3, 2021
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A person that unintentionally lives, breathes, and is like the protagonist in a story or series.
A1: ".... and these two guys liked me in high school and I didn't know what to do!"
B1:" wow, that's some main character energy, you are the main character in an anime"
by Mangogo November 8, 2020
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When you envision yourself as the main character of the movie version of your life, highlighting the parts of yourself that would make you unique or likable. This syndrome focuses on the self more than any other person, much how movies or television have a story primarily based on one character.
Cindy has main character syndrome and am constantly imagining herself as the title role in the movie version of her life: THE UNTOLD CINDY STORY.

Cameron Diaz has main character syndrome in The Holiday when she keeps envisioning movie trailer versions of her life, with herself as the title role.
by retromermaid January 5, 2018
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