by Yo dylans gay September 12, 2020
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A fucking inscrutable annoying thing to say to show a lack of vocabulary
Kate: ouch fuck my knee hurts

Everyone: mmmmmmm
by Richbitch47 October 20, 2019
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The feeling that one gets when they just got a new m key and are laying in a cute girl's lap
Mmmmmmm, i'm happy.
by LouieD January 16, 2009
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A gay noise ur niggas make when looking at ur phat ass
Mmmmmmmm my nigga u got a phat ass...let me eat the shit
by Yung Hentai November 6, 2019
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When you are sooo FAG this happens.
I just sat on a LARGE DICK MMMMMMM... and they went in DRY totally in this ASSH0LE.
by SIXTIES LITTLE GIRL August 21, 2021
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a phrase used by a girl who is never satisfied.
girl: mmmmmmm might as well never come home

boy: okay i was at work

girl:mmmm i might as well dig your grave since you are never here
by salbltrn May 28, 2012
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j-b ueb wuuwyu ,m3y mmmmmmm ybyefvdhtyhgvyd is bredt ro4kkee n;
by ma_rs2014 May 31, 2022
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