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part of speech: verb -
1) can be used formally or informally to express biological occurences such as intercourse
2) transformation of an event, object, etc into something "uncalled for"
Example 1: " I can't believe they fuckatate(d) all night long."


"Would fuckatating be possible between these two organisms?"

Example 2:

"My life is currently fuckatated due to the myriad of work."

"Dude, why'd you fuckatate our plans? You fuckatator..."
by Yelle-na January 27, 2009
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(n.) and (v.)a rather viscous sample of fecal matter, in close resemblance to butter. Also used to "soften" the meaning of "shit"
"the dog left behind a perfectly formed putter in the yard next door"


"She puttered right then and there; man-o-man was she embarassed"

by Yelle-na April 26, 2009
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