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When you see a flashing light and you're all like kfnsldjmthjfiremdhiufg,tufdhmyurtmfi, flopping on the floor uncontrollably like afish but it only happens to some people
Person 1: gyroudmhurfdumgrt
Person 2: Shit, they're having a seizure.
by Charuzu May 19, 2019
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i have mental retardation
by Charuzu April 21, 2022
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That fucking crackhead who is addicted to candy from that fucking webseries by MondoMedia known as Happy Tree Friends
Person 1: ay, Nutty is my favorite character from Happy Tree Friends
Person 2: you mean the candy crackhead with rabies?
Person 1: You can put it that way.
Person 3: {profuse giggling}
Petson 1: You are sounding a lot like Nutty right now...
by Charuzu April 13, 2020
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What PETA really should be called.
People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals
PUTA must be stopped!
by Charuzu August 23, 2019
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what you think when your mother types p into the url box and you realize you forgot incognito mode
by Charuzu October 30, 2019
The Happy Tree Friend (Arbore amicus) generally looks like a small, anthropomorphic woodland animal with a heart-shaped nose, big eyes with pupils shaped like a pizza with a slice taken out of it/Pac-Man shape, a big mouth with buck teeth, what seemingly appears to be a line connecting the nose and the mouth, and hands that seem to switch between two forms: four-fingered hands and mitten-like hands. Of course, there are exceptions to this, for example Muta alces, which appears to be a blue, tall moose with regular-looking pupils, no nose-line, nostrils, among other things. The weird thing about the Tree Friends is that they always reappear unscathed when they die. How they do this has not been researched yet. There are many species of Tree Friends, such as Occidendum ursi, a green bear in a soldier outfit. Occidendum ursi flips out when it is reminded of war or death in any way. Normally, Occidendum ursi is friendly, but when "flipped out", seems to be an apex predator that kills anything it sees. This is the most well-known Tree Friend, and thusly when a flipped out Occidendum ursi is detected within the area of a community, the community is ordered to lock down everything.
Researcher 1: You see that Happy Tree Friend right there?
Researcher 2: Must be an Occidendum ursi.
Researcher 2: Gotta be careful, anything that is able to cause a Vietnam War veteran can trigger him.
Researcher 1: Didn't you just say "war" out loud? He could have heard you!
(The Occidendum ursi latches onto Researcher 2, pulling out a knife. Video feed cut short.)
{Seen below: An animated .gif file showcasing the "flipping out" mechanic of the Occidendum ursi, the Occidendum ursi getting ready to murder a Purpura castorea with a cake cutter.}
by Charuzu June 22, 2020
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