Happy birthday puta, that means pretty lady in koren
by Doja cat December 4, 2019
Spanish equivalent of slut. Also, translates to bitch, prostitute. Can be used as a derogatory word for someone foolish, despicable. Used unanimously, regardless of the gender.

Often reclaimed by various people in recent times as to own the narrative and counter slutshaming per se.

Popular in BDSM fetishistic plays.
boy1: Ricky punctured your bicycle tyres.
boy2: That puta, he's gonna pay for this.
by Johnwick98 August 2, 2021
Origin: Ghettos (pure origin from Jewish word meaning neighborhood). Meaning: References placement such as letting go.
(Exclaim for best effect) Puta gun down!
by Ricardo M. August 10, 2006
Is a song from the best punk band in Guatemala, Los Hijos De Se Madre. PxUxTxAx, is a full violence punk song. PUTA (in spanish) sometimes is used as an expression of anger, and that's the way is use in this song..
when you are mad at someone or something, or something bad happens, we say: "LA GRAN PUTA".. In english could be as "fuck" in the way of an expression of anger or when someting bad happens.
by ge April 19, 2004
Puta is a word to which in English, means beautiful or pretty. If you say this to your Spanish girlfriend your most likely to get a kiss on the cheek, or at least a blush from the girl you said it to, because you “practiced” your Spanish lessons just for her. 😏
Friend 1: That girl over there’s so (puta)
Friend 2: yeah, I agree...
Friend 3: *drooling in the corner*
by Imuglylol46 October 29, 2019
Beautiful in Spanish only said to females as a way to make them happy and make their day
Hey puta

Girl:omgg stooop I’m blushing you made my day
You:yep you puta
by Ymirpro978 May 9, 2020
Puta is often misunderstood as a curse word in Spanish and Filipino. This is not the case. Puta is used as an affectionate way of greeting someone or labeling one as "family" ( a friend you consider as family) or a friend you care for immensely.
Tom: "Dude, who was that guy you were with yesterday?"
Phil: " Jason? Nah, man. He's my puta, ya know?"
by winchester'slonglostsister February 10, 2015