Long form of the word pussy beeing used to insult someone not wanting to do something stupid. Similar meaning to afraid and anxious.
Person 1: "You don't want to jump off that bridge because you are afraid to die? Bro you are so pusillanimous!"
Person 2: "Yo what the F does that even mean?"
by JackOBAnotherOne September 2, 2019
a word referring to being a pussy without using any naughty words
don't be so... pusillanimous you big pussy!
by BSkillet September 27, 2006
person or organisation exhibiting severe wimp-like behaviour in the face an opposing interest or interest holder
The regular American media demonstrated how pusillanimous they really are in the face of all the Republican talking heads who lauded all their own ultra right wing brown shirts press.
by Allan Keane November 8, 2004
weak or scared to face ignorance and mental disease and describe it as such.
The left wing media is pusillanimous to admit and accept that republicans fought the civil war against slavery and that the Republicans are the greatest hearted and loving people in this country.
by lincoln1 April 4, 2018
..., the basic reason for resisting the truth is pusillanimity.
by Eleutheros April 8, 2014
Sex with a woman who has no known name or identity
Roommate 1: Who is that woman you fucked last night?
Roommate 2: I don't know. It was pusillanimous sex.
by dicmeister November 5, 2014