Push- as in being on the push as opposed to on the pull on a night out.
Basically this consists of rejecting men/women that hit on you in hilarious ways.
Chat up line: "So what do you do for a living apart from being hot?"
You, being on the Push would reply: "Eat men/women's souls and sacrifice their reproductive organs to Baphomet."
by SimmieV March 25, 2013
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Verb meaning to push past the enemy defence line in a game. Pushing is usually done on a ''lane'', a path on which the attack is done and that enemy tries to defend.

Counter-pushing is sometimes done by the defenders after a failed pushing attempt. It is basically a counter-attack made by the former defenders, usually on the same lane.
Damn! We're getting pushed on the middle lane!

Guys! Let's all push the top-left lane!
by Eljmaster July 15, 2010
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the action of an iPhone application bringing a specific alert to your phone.
Boxcar is an app that pushes Twitter mentions and direct messages right to your iPhone.
by lisageek September 17, 2009
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The practise of pushing a metal rod (aka: pusher) down a glass stem (aka: rose, shooter, straight shooter) in which crack cocaine has been smoked in order to release the residue contained inside. The process involves pushing a piece of - usually - copper wool, (aka: chore, chore boy) up and down the stem thus capturing the oil/white residue on the sides. Usually involves an increasingly hysterical repetition of the task, weeping, periods of intense introspection, regret and violent disagreements. Often accompanied by a psychotic need to search the floor for white crumbs. A trip to the nearest ATM/Trap always follows the last push.
Goddamn it, Where that pusher at? I need to push this bitch right now mane. I'm a kill you mane (sounds of screaming etc).

You did my last push while I was passed out? That's fucked up right thurr nigga. I'm a kill you mane (sounds of screaming etc).

I can get one more push out of this, I know I can. Why ain't that dope boy here yet?

Is there a push in that winky for me? Fuck you nigga, no.
by Dope Boy Magic 187 July 09, 2006
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To apply force to another object.. usually an indivudual that you find bothersome.
I pushed the small children into the vat of molten iorn ore.
by Jeff October 28, 2004
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