(v.) To void feces from the bowels.
Eia - I'm taking a huge push.
by LiuAfina September 24, 2008
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Push- as in being on the push as opposed to on the pull on a night out.
Basically this consists of rejecting men/women that hit on you in hilarious ways.
Chat up line: "So what do you do for a living apart from being hot?"
You, being on the Push would reply: "Eat men/women's souls and sacrifice their reproductive organs to Baphomet."
by SimmieV March 25, 2013
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Verb meaning to push past the enemy defence line in a game. Pushing is usually done on a ''lane'', a path on which the attack is done and that enemy tries to defend.

Counter-pushing is sometimes done by the defenders after a failed pushing attempt. It is basically a counter-attack made by the former defenders, usually on the same lane.
Damn! We're getting pushed on the middle lane!

Guys! Let's all push the top-left lane!
by Eljmaster July 15, 2010
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the action of an iPhone application bringing a specific alert to your phone.
Boxcar is an app that pushes Twitter mentions and direct messages right to your iPhone.
by lisageek September 17, 2009
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Push is the act of exerting oneself beyond physical capabilities to fully experience an extended period of partying. Usually done in connection to electronic music and with the aid of recreational substances.

Push is a derivative of the original meaning of push - to exert force on (someone or something) in order to move them away from oneself.
This weekend will be a proper push.
by Pushy Associate June 22, 2017
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