To apply force to another object.. usually an indivudual that you find bothersome.
I pushed the small children into the vat of molten iorn ore.
by Jeff October 28, 2004
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n. A concentrated attack.
v. To perform a concentrated attack.

Used in cooperative multiplayer games (especially DotA).
1. That push fucked up our base.
2. Everyone push middle.
by T_Dizzle November 07, 2005
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Making the humping motion on top of someone, whilst keeping your pants on... (AKA - dry humping, levi lovin, jean jammin, scrogging, zipper sparking, hot beef press, dry farming, etc...)
John Peter: So i totally made out with Rebecka last night!
Dan: Did you push?
John Peter: Yeah, i pushed her raw.
by Stymie Rochester III September 12, 2010
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To continually return a tennis ball without ever attacking during a match.
Johnny pushes like a girl and he's frustrating as heck to play against.
by Bill April 08, 2004
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