Having sex in your own vomit; or someone else's vomit. It doesn't really matter.
I purple rained with this chick the other night, and it was swell. I just hope she washed her hair.
by Mister Bob May 03, 2007
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An expression of feeling or emotion brought on by the memory of a regretful action or loss, resulting in the personal knowledge that what has transpired cannot be corrected or undone (inspired by the popular 80s Prince song):
Joe - "Remember that girl I dated before?"
Mack - "Yeah, why?"
Joe - "I should have married that girl?"
Mack - "Nothing you can do about it now, Purple Rain man, Purple Rain."
by Butch377 September 24, 2014
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The first ejaculation that a man experiences after having suffered through a case of blue balls.
I dropped by Lisa's house last night as her parents were at the movies and she started giving me a blowjob in her Dad's office. Then we heard the front door open and her folks walked in and she cut it off mid blow and pushed me out of the house with the worst case of blue balls in my life. Man, I limped back home holding my balls in both hands then went up to my room, opened the porno mag, and painted the magazine with my purple rain. My balls felt such relief afterwards.
by Ambiguousgenitals January 26, 2021
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verb: to purple rain someone, or shower them with a verbal cloud of nonsense that a) has little point and b) seems to be going nowhere, whilst resembling the erotic dwarf circa 1985
Chuufin' nora, I got proper purple rained when i got in the office this morning
by Van Baggins November 12, 2004
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Purple Rain: noun: (not to be confused with the artist, Prince's, album), is an alcoholic beverage containing the following ingredients:

1 Jug of Purple Hawaiian Punch
2 Liters of Sprite
1.5 Orange creme Sodas
1 Handle of Vodka (Preferably Seagram's, or Smirnoff)

Split Between 2 (two) - 2 gallon jugs (Split all above ingredients between to empty jugs of water or milk)

This alcholic beverage is known to deceive it's consumers but beware, each cup (solo cup) contains 2+ shots (of vodka) a piece
"Aye, so this Purple Rain aint nothin to mess with" - Guy
"My friend just had two cups, she's messeeeed up! You sure there's alcohol in there?" -Girl

"Hunch Punch or Purple Rain?" -Girl #1
"Purple Rain. You can't even taste the alcohol" -Girl #2
by Based Overlord October 16, 2010
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Purple rain is when a guy cums on his partner under a blacklight. The blacklight makes the semen glow purple as it rains down on their face. Therefore making purple rain.

Some say that its only a gay thing where a guy cums on another guy, but i don't see why it has to be limited to that.
"Dude, check this out. I just got this new blacklight. So next time i bust a load on her face, it'll glow!"

"Woah, thats purple rain bro!!"
by Motosake May 31, 2013
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