the first person you’ve ever truly love. the one girl/boy you will never fully lose feelings for. the one that defined the way you want you next relationships to be similar too. the person who no matter, how if your friends or not you’ll always wonder how they are and if even the littlest piece of them misses you.
“i miss my purple”
“my purple’s name is tyler
by kk421xoxo November 4, 2020
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Someone who you love and care about. Someone who is your best friend and your significant other. Someone who you can picture the rest of your life with.
Sam: Hey sally will you be my purple.

Sally: Yes! Sam I will
by TheKidJulz November 3, 2020
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to be someone’s purple is to be one of the most important people in their life and them trusting you with their life.
aspen’s my purple. im so glad they’re alive
by joudijody November 6, 2020
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someone who changed your life the day you met
yk irene? ya she’s my purple
by mikayla balaban April 1, 2021
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The person you need to hold as close as possible, but not suffocate. Closer, but at a safe distance. You never know what they think, but you are sure of their actions. They don’t show what they want, but you know what they need and you are there to give it to them. Don't let them go, because they won't get tired of you and you'll just think about them.
X: I met someone..
Y: Oh, really?
X: She is beautifully destroyed, but she will no longer need to fear her fears now that I am there for her. She’s my purple now..
Y: When did you meet her?
X: About one year ago, and I’m fine with that
by February 23, 2021
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The first person, or someone in general that you are attracted to, who made you question or change your sexuality. Most commonly used by Bisexual individuals to suggest that they like someone, either to the person that they like, or to someone who is unknowing of that person's sexuality.
Colby: Why are you staring at Diamond like that?
Sandi: Oh, she's my purple...
Colby: Wait. You like her? Does that mean you're Bisexual?
Sandi: Yes I am, but please don't tell anybody and don't tell her, I haven't come out to her yet. Promise?
Colby: I promise.
by Appiepollieloggies November 12, 2020
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Another way of saying " you're gay"
Also used for platonic (or maybe not 🌚) soulmates that have gay energy.
"George, you're my purple." ".. Sure man, you're my purple too, but no homo"

They are most of the time homo anyways.
by Larry the platypus April 13, 2023
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