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when you fuck a bird in the asshole.
many people "purp" to relieve stress and symptoms of severe pregnancy.
when you "purp" you also use naval oranges to balance the birds weight inside of your vagina, or penial areas, if you're into that crazy shit.
if you're "strickly dickly" you must use a bird whom has a penis and use their penis as their asshole, for it to be proper "purping".
many people use "purping" , however, if they fuck the bird, and someone see's them, that person will probably call the humane society.

please look up the definition for "sea-gulling" to properly execute true "purping" statistics.
Ralf: Are you.. into purping?

Carl: Of course father, im in to anything with nipples

Ralf: You do know, birds don't have nipples.

Carl: Yes, but my nipples look like milk duds

Ralf: Awkward. Suck me good.
by kirstenandbrooke December 23, 2011
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