See Dick Cheney, Ashcroft. An adjectectal phrase meaning a person is not good. More specifically, they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, their money and anyone who might help them get their money.
Dick Cheney is pure evil and I fucking hate him
by Attractive Nun July 8, 2004
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Clash of clans:
By far the most evil, mean, cold and heartless people who before resource storages were immune to spell damage in clash of clans would wait until your shield drops...then arrives at your base...drops up to 5 lightning spells, destroying your dark elixir, taking it all then leaving without so much as giving you a still get trophies though :) But when you were 1000 dark elixir away from upgrading your barbarian king and suddenly you lost 7000 more...
Someone raided my base yesterday and dropped 5 lightning spells on my dark elixir storage...what pure evil
by Stevenvival March 18, 2018
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An Indian politician in Cincinnati with a hot ass wife
Man I want to tap Aftab pure evil's wife so bad dude
by D Flawless November 19, 2021
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Basically someone who goes behind your back and doesn’t give a shit about who gets hurt in the process but as long as she gets her own way everything’s good
Megan is pure fucking evil
by Hahahahalololivia August 15, 2018
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