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A country that no one ahs ever been to - even the people that live there. It's probably fairly poor and i doubt anyone actually knows where it is.
Of course I know where Uzbekistan is! It's right there, beside that other shitty country.
by Attractive Nun December 4, 2003
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Current Vice President of the United States, under George W Bush. A man with strong conservative values such as contacts with many, large corporations - notibly Halliburton. Typically votes against things like environmental regulations, equal rights and money for non-defense related projects. Most probably the main influence behing George Bush's cunning plan to exploit the memory of September 11th and start a war with a conveniently oil-rich nation in order to distract the American public from the shitty job they were doing at home. See also pure evil.
Dick Cheney would rather shit on a unemployed black man and take his house than tax 2 cents of a billionaire's money.
by Attractive Nun July 8, 2004
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See Dick Cheney, Ashcroft. An adjectectal phrase meaning a person is not good. More specifically, they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, their money and anyone who might help them get their money.
Dick Cheney is pure evil and I fucking hate him
by Attractive Nun July 8, 2004
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One of the greatest bands ever. Although don't listen to all these stupid fucks. Most of them are just idiots that say that hip hop and nu metal is crap because all the cool people say so even though they only started liking nirvana when it became cool. Stupid fucks. And the people that say they don't like nirvana...stupid fucks. You're all so stupid! AHHH!!
Nirvana would be ashamed to have fans like you, you stupid fuck!
by Attractive Nun December 4, 2003
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