A yiddish word for face, or more specifically a cute face.
Oy, look at the punim on that one!
by Sami December 26, 2005
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A word which helps you describe immense feelings of love towards a specific person.
by elonejabrusk May 17, 2022
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Yiddish term
Your face is so ugly it hurts to look at it. It is commonly used as an insult.
Enemy: I hate you!
You: Oh yea?! Well, Meeskite Punim!
by Ellikiki March 13, 2011
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American Latin: “From a sea of meeskite, a hottie.”
I’m gonna book, guys, this is definitely a dead zone. Whoa, check it out, over by the door: e pluribus punim.
by PJMac August 2, 2012
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a face - usually angelic and innocent looking with bright, consuming eyes, resembling a Pre-Raphaelite cherub - that gets continuously gets away with murder; a face that hides a scheming, deviant attitude
My son just peed all over the couch and then threw his dirty underwear in my face. I tried to get mad, but I was overtaken by The Power Punim. FML
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