Any geographical area that lacks cell phone service, or has very poor reception.
"I should not have signed up for Voice Stream because their service sucks shit in the East Coast. They have so many dead zones in their so called "Coverage Area"."
by Negger September 9, 2003
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An un-used area of the brain unreachable by the conscious mind. Stephen King wrote the novel "Dead Zone" in which the lead character John Smith falls into a coma following a car accident. When awakeningen five years later, he finds the accident has activated his dead zone and he is now able to see glimpses of the future. The "dead zone" (with or without supernatural function) is probably King's fictional invention.
The book has been filmed and made into a tv series.
by Cactus September 6, 2003
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in surfing: the area between two swells where the waves arent breaking.
"hmmm, the waves are breaking further out and closer in, i must be in the dead zone."
by kevin September 10, 2003
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A highly-rated T.V. show in which a mannamed Johny was hit by a truck on the free-way, and was put into a coma for nearly over 2 years or so. The 'dead zone' refers to the part of the brain where doctors say, "No one can tap into" when some guy who was hit by a truck can? The dead zone of the brain can let you see where the future leads to, in whatever object or person you touch.
Johny closed his eyes and placed his hand over the cellphone bill he had just received in the mail. Almost instantly did he see that Nokia, indeed, was charging him 15$ a minute for his cellphone usage.

If only the rest of us could get powers like that.
by Phatal September 8, 2003
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When you express your feelings for another person and they not only reject those feelings, they completely ignore you and any contact you make.
"Yo I tried to talk to Derrick after I told him how I felt but he dead zoned me. I haven't heard from him in a month."
"Bruh, Kesha told me the other day that she's pregnant, Ima have to dead zone her man she trippin."
by C.Baritone January 7, 2019
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The area in a quesadilla between the edge of the tortilla and the location of the cheese on the inside. Large dead zones are found when someone who is inexperienced prepares a quesadilla and only puts cheese in the middle of the tortilla, incorrectly assuming that the cheese will disperse while melting.
"How was your quesadilla?"
"Not very good, dead zone was huge and it felt like i was eating tree bark."
by MrAnderson7 August 5, 2009
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Used by players of the MMORPG World of Warcraft.
It refers to the space where a hunter cannot reach his/her enemy because it is too far away for melee weapons and too close for ranged weapons.
Hunter player: I got killed! Those druids keep standing in my dead zone!

Druid player: Lol, dude! I totally pwned that huntard from the dead zone!
by Minuo June 8, 2007
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