punch-drunk or punch drunk; A term derived from boxing where a boxer gets hit by his opponent so many times that his disorientation is described as and similar to being drunk.
I stopped the sparring match when I saw that he was punch-drunk.
by Chad Deese October 17, 2003
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A term used to describe someone behaving in a bewildered, confused, or dazed manner from having been physically, mentally or emotionally punched.
Commonly used phrase for Dementia pugilistica - a neurological disorder which may affect boxers and wrestlers who receive multiple dizzying blows to the head.
A phrase sometimes used to explain dazed behavior.
"He lost a fight tonight, his girlfriend broke up with him, and he's getting evicted tomorrow. He's punch drunk, give him a break!"
by gnomette September 29, 2008
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Acting giggly and retarded as if you were drunk but its really only because your so damn tired.
"We were punch drunk from staying up so late"
by Kiki February 11, 2004
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being hit in the head many times gets u fucked up...will always stay there
tath boxer got so fucked up now hes punch drunk
by thongworld July 17, 2003
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1. A person who fakes being drunk.
2. That high school girl who has straight punch and acts drunk because someone told her there was booze in it.
3. Gemo
Molly gets so punch drunk, it is embarassing.
by Bud E Love May 2, 2003
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waking up in the morning having a sore head a mouth like a badgers hole and having bloody knuckles. praying that you fell but having a vague recollection of punching somebody in the face.
fuck man i was so pissed last nite i think i smacked somebody i punch drunk some dick.
yesth assthole it wasth me.
by da original playa June 2, 2006
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(can be silly, humorous, sarcastic or offensive, depending on the context and/or the situation):

an actual intimate encounter (or thinking about having an intimate encounter with a given person) after just one date
the question is whether or not a situation of punch-drunk love can lead to a nsa/fwb or an fbltr
by Sexydimma November 1, 2013
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