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Prison slang for someone who was beaten severely. The term is taken from the swollen condition of their head.

See also balloon head
Man, that pumpkin head got what was coming to him after he snitched on Hector.
by smartypants October 06, 2004
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1. A hillbilly horror movie released in 1989 featuring actor Lance Henriksen as the film's protagonist. Lance plays a man whose son is accidentally killed by rambunctious city kids on dirt bikes. Instead of phoning the police, the man instead seeks the aid of a witch living in solitude, who aids him in unleashing a insidious demon upon the youths. The demon was nicknamed "Pumpkinhead" by the local townsfolk, due to it's appearence.

2. A nickname for Abobo, a character from the NES game "Double Dragon". For the record, Abobo is not an insidious demon. Rather, he's a street thug with a humorously disproportinate head sitting atop his tiny body.
1. Punkin-haid gonna get yew, boy!

2. Damn that Abobo! That pumpkinhead just punched me off the brigde again!
by The Thrilla in Minooka June 23, 2005
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a condition occuring to the crainial region when a severe trauma, such as a blow to the head in an intense confrontational situation, causes the external features of the face to swell giving it the appearance of a pumpkin. also known as a "punkinhead"
If yall dont back off my ass for rent money, I'm gonna start givin out pumpkinheads!
by Bobby C February 26, 2004
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All of the Pumpkinheads waited outside of the Chicago Metro to catch their final performance.
by Pumpkinhead June 13, 2004
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A nickname which at first seems to be an insult but is actually a term of endearment. The nice round shape of a pumpkin is thought of by some people to be a great way to descirbe someone thus the term pumpkin head. Generally used by a parent to his or her handsome son or beautiful daughter.
Hey, Kay, you pumpkin head, get over here.
by chesni December 19, 2010
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A metaphoric term to describe a person who has a high opinion of themselves and presents themselves as "All-Knowing" or SDS (Shit Don't Stink). The term has been derived from the idea that the person being called a pumpkin head has so much Ego that their head is swollen up like a pumpkin. One or more people at a job setting could possibly possess such traits to warrant being called a Pumpkin Head.
Jim "Hey John, did you meet the new guy"
John "No, but I heard he's a real Pumpkin head"
Jim "you got that right, suffers from SDS big time"
by Ace963 January 18, 2018
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A term used to describe a gathering of people who are lifeless, ugly, fat or stupid.
"Check out all these pumpkin heads in this pumpkin patch.
by Mnkyonyrbk August 05, 2005
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