the 3-5 seconds before you blow your wad
Phil: cassie..i'm...i'm...gonna...
Cassie: *suck, slurp* oh *orgasms* your cock is so hard! *another orgasm*
Phil: i've entered the point of no return!
*4 seconds later*
Cassie: I love swollowing your cum!
by Phil March 17, 2004
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-When drinking beverages of an alcoholic nature, when a certain number drink (ie. beer #12) puts you "over the edge"
-Passing the point of no return will usually result in loss of memory, speech, and motor skills.
Friend: Dude, drink that beer you'll be passed the point of no return, dont expect me too carry your drunk ass around all night
Friend 2: (incoherent babble) (chugs beer)
by metrosexualbastard1 August 26, 2006
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1. A point that will eliminate all odds of you turning back once you cross it.

2. A phrase that will yeet a centillion sexual definitions at you if you even dare to look it up on Urban Dictionary out of curiosity.

So yeah... You've ran across the rare definition of this word that isn't unnecessarily sexualized.
1. An example of a point of no return is a black hole's Event Horizon. Once you cross it, it's over for you.

2. Humanity will go extinct by the time I find a non-sexual definition on "point of no return" in this place called urban dictionary.
by Silicosis9324 April 29, 2022
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when someone is so close to orgasm that he or she cannot stop having sex/masturbating, regardless of the circumstances
"I heard my roommate coming up the stairs, but I was already at the point of no return so he opened the door just in time to see me blow my load all over my desk."
by kotero January 13, 2007
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The moment just before you have an orgasm and ejaculate. You cant stop the semen from coming out, it just comes. It is and unstoppable force of nature. There is no holding it back.
Jonny didnt want to ejaculate, but he hit the point of no return and it was all over. His semen filled his lovers mouth....she was so angry she spit it at him.
by JiZZmaster696969 June 21, 2006
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When one has gone so far in any given circumstance that it would be impossible, immoral or shameful to give up.
by gforzaa August 20, 2008
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while driving a vehicle you come across a yellow light and just dont feel like stopping so you continue on even if the light turns red.
josh: omg craig stop stop stop

craig: no bro that was the point of no return
by CodyBrigham February 15, 2009
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