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7 definitions by jilm

conducting shady business that you don't want anyone to know about
I asked them where all the money went and they told me to quit asking questions. what kind of cloak and dagger shit are they up to?
by jilm January 27, 2017
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to make an irreversible decision.
akin to shooting a gun- once the bullet leaves the barrel it is on its path.
after the cancer treatment didn't work for johnny he decided to pull the trigger and quit.
by jilm October 22, 2016
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to acknowledge a blunder, mistake or bad decision.
Someone: You were fired last year for telling your boss to go fuck himself?
You: Yes. It was not my finest hour.
by jilm January 12, 2018
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to profess something that you truly believe may prove to be right but has dire consequences if you are wrong.
I convinced the CEO that we should spend a shitload of money on this marketing deal. I hope it works out- i got my nuts on the chopping block here.
by jilm January 13, 2017
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to pay whatever price someone demands, no matter how irrational.
all i want is the secret formula. name the price.
by jilm December 24, 2016
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if your back is against the wall it means you have been cornered by an unfavorable situation with no futher room to retreat and you must either fight back or die.
i didn't want to fight but that dickhead had my back against the wall so I broke a beer bottle over his head
by jilm June 15, 2013
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to allocate financial resources toward something on the perceived promise that it will pay off in the future.
"You call me a fool You say it's a crazy scheme. This one's for real, I already bought the dream."
-Steely Dan
by jilm October 13, 2017
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