Is when you are said to be the real deal.
Truly solid to ones word on a upper level.
Person : You either Too-Pukka or too fake.

BY: GiovanniDYMillyenti
by MillYentei DYSlick August 7, 2020
The object of vulgarity.
Something repugnant and morbid.
Frank:*Looks at fat woman* 'EURGH she's a right pukka harv!
Zac: Yeah she's not exactly a FLIRJ
by doolamaquits September 19, 2008
I just got the pukka gen on the new G4 phones
by George TheCar June 30, 2009
another word for skunk founded by the clipston click
"pass the pukka ting, bitch"
by Tom Hayward and Mason November 19, 2004
A first class comrade. Someone who can be thoroughly relied on.
Soldier#1: Can we trust the Sikh? I don't like the look of him.

Soldier#2: Yes we can. I served with him during the war, he's a Pukka Sahib
by Tom Bombadil February 5, 2021
A gross pie like food available from UK chip shops... often eaten by drunk scallies when the taste of something doesn't matter.
Scally: "Oh man, im gonna puke... better push summin into my stomach..."
by JaJake September 28, 2004