word used as a alternative name for a 'gary' or 'wide-boy'. basically all losers who wear reebok trainers, drainpipe jeans and a cap, and think they are a bit dodgy. in fact they go out of their way to try and look dodgy. usually they aren't. in fact usually they are of a middle class background and their real names are sebastian or timothy etc.
they also try to speak with rough east end accent, but most of the time their voices haven't broken so they just sound a bit gay, which usually they are.
look that pukka over there.
by Normal Person June 6, 2003
From the chinese word "pukka". It means Bitch. Don't tell that to any chinese guy because he will probably own you!
Fucking pukka!

Got fuck your pukka!
by Rafael July 9, 2004
The absolute best of the best, basically an Englishman’s “top notch”.
-“That outfit is straight pukka mate”.
-“This rum is pukka, where’d u get it”.
-“I met a pukka shorty last night”.
-“This song is absolute pukka”.
by Lieg boffum February 18, 2022
A rather large specimen of drug abuser who sells most iof his prized posessions for his dirty drug habit. You can usually find him by the canal smoking marijuana or attempting to riser himself.

You may usually find him wearing 4 - year - old reebok trainers, a dirty long, thick coat and torn tracksuit bottoms or you may find him in a British Army uniform.

If you do ever see this person, make sure you are packing a knife and a pair of ear protectors.
"Pukka, you fat fuck, stop hogging the spliff man!" & "Pukka you dirty Fat bastard, get your cock out of my ear!"
by CR4B September 23, 2006
Meaning is when you tell someone how you feel about a situation on a straight up Honest Level.
Nothing fake about what you have to say.
Person: You can Believe me or not; I betcha everything I say is Pukka-Talk.

BY: GiovanniDYMillyentei
by MillYentei DYSlick August 8, 2020