a puffle is a small furry creature that penguins in club penguin keep as pets.
Hey look, I got a new puffle named Phil
by McHobbes July 20, 2006
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the small bushel of hair between two eyebrows, but not fully connecting the two, resulting in a small independant eyebrow.
"did you see josh hartnett in that movie?"
"yea, his puffle was very prominent"
by isajesro December 29, 2007
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A furry animal that lives in Club Penguin who is adoptable. Different variants were discovered as time went on and each type of puffle has their own personality.
I adopted a blue puffle and named it Jake.
by Enetredrox January 19, 2016
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refers to the furry lower region of a woman
My puffle is really itchy sometimes.
by QuargaPie May 27, 2017
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a ladylike word for air that comes out of a butt; synonyms = fart, toot
by redheadjen October 18, 2005
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A person who receives enjoyment from having penises in their vagina or anal cannal
"You had sex last night? Wow, you are such a puffle."
by armzy14 July 3, 2009
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A crazy, nasty-ass follower of the Huffle Badger on Tumblr. Pufflings are recognizable by their inability to give one single shit, their badass smiles, and their particular inclination towards finding shit.
Pottermore User #1: I've been trying to annoy that Hufflepuff for HOURS, but they just don't seem to give a shit!

Pottermore User#2: Dude, that's a fucking puffling. You think Huffle Badger's pufflings give a shit? Hell no!
by Huffle Badger September 5, 2011
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