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Club Penguin is a flash animation game, similar to RuneScape, but geared towards children. It is a wonderful little safe environment with strong word filters and other safety features. It was made for children to have fun and interact whilst remaining safe. puffles were introduced as pets in Club Penguin.
Do you have a club penguin account. My penguin's name is Crazy Happy. Add me as a buddy.
by McHobbes July 21, 2006
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a puffle is a small furry creature that penguins in club penguin keep as pets.
Hey look, I got a new puffle named Phil
by McHobbes July 20, 2006
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That long, wet, and loud sounding fart that usually finds it's way out during an important meeting or something.
Well, our stats for the third quarter have brought on a new - *swazzle* ... um... excuse me... sorry. *cough cough* um. have brought a new record in sales for the west side.
by McHobbes July 21, 2006
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