Someone who is insane and psycho at the same time...
by Joshy26 July 7, 2005
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1. A crazy person or thing. Someone that is Psychotic.

2. An amazing movie made by Alfred Hitchcock from 1960.
1. When my mom found my weed in my underwear drawer she went psycho!

2. I couldn't shower for a week after I watched Psycho!
by AprilIsFreakingAmazingIsh March 14, 2010
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Best song that saved this decade by the legendary, Red Velvet
Go stream it on youtube, spotify, apple music and melon thankyou.
"Psycho song of the decade"
by yeetypsycho December 29, 2020
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Mom, the psycho's giving me strange looks again!
by ACR August 2, 2015
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This is the phrase used for when you have sexual interaction with a female in the shower during her menstration and the blood spiral down the drain.
Marc performed "The Psycho" on Elle last night.
by Cliff Rigsby Per The Snapp December 31, 2009
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Acronym of "Please Shut Your Cake Hole."
Aw, come on, would you PSYCHo?
by ThexLoneWolf June 16, 2022
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Psycho is a mentally ill individual, The way they react to rejection, going un-noticed or to any situation where the outcome is not what they fabricated it to be, some will say they are acting psycho, their mental reaction as well as physical reaction would said to be psychotic, uncontrollable behavior. You don't wave to piss off psychotic Celina or psychotic Shawn. They will react in a way and do things most normal people would only think about doing, but not following through with it, like if a psycho is pissed off at a man, she may take a baseball bat to his car and swing at the headlights and taillights and mirrors like its a pinata, or set your house on fire, or just generally do things only normal people say they would do when angered by the opposite sex. Or exploit them on social media but no matter what extreme the psycho may go to I promise it's going to be unbelievable
That bitch I met on the dating site is fucking psycho , she wants to go to a swingers club on our next date, WTF is wrong with her? She said she needs a friend to help her out with me when we have sexual relations. Hell I might not break it off with her after suggested a swing club hell those are for married peeps looking to keep it up for the rest of the time they are married. Those swingers club people are psycho. Let's go as a married couple and act like Debbie does Dallas, and act perfectly normal around our non swinger friends that we secretly want to swing with and invite them over for drinks and pool party oh don't forget the pool boy and the cocktail server and bartender to make it not so awkward when they start stalking their prey, slip them a ruffy if they don't comply that's psycho . Drugs and alcohol don't mix but when they do you can bet your sweet ass it's going to be a date rape drug and it will be given to you by a swingers wife and you can do nothing about it . Just take s seat on the psycho swinger love swing and worry about your choice of friends when reality is in your court, cuz the ball is in swingers psycho court
by SillyPsychosexy February 26, 2019
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