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A kind girl who seems shy at first. She has brown or black hair and amazing eyes. She is a great friend and is very loyal. Every once in a while she will do something that surprises you. She is mhsterious and when you think about ityou don't know much about her past. She is very strong in what she believes and will love people with all her heart. She is intelligent and knows things that most people don't.
Wow, I never realized how well Celina could sing, I never expected that.
by smile all day all night :) December 24, 2013
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Celina is very goirgeous , sweet,but can be rude at times. She's also veeerry petty ! She'll speak her mind whenever it's time. If you ever meet a Celina , you'll be very lucky ! She's a keeper and one of a kind.
"Do you have a friend named Celina ?" Because she's lit.
by Someonetheunknownishere April 13, 2017
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A Celina is usually short, with dark hair. She is good at seducing men, a real femme fatale. Be careful when you come in contact. She is good with words and can persuade you to doing almost anything. Her love is so strong and she lets it show. When she's happy, the whole world will know. Consider yourself lucky if she settles down with you. Make sure you entertain her and make her happy because she could leave at any minute. Girls usually hate her because Celina catches everyone's eye. Girls envy her and boys love her
Boy: celina fucked with my head. She lead me on. I think I'm in love man
Friend: she got you too?!

Girl: why is she here? Now who is gonna wanna look at us or even talk to us?
Other friend: there went my self esteem
by stephney June 21, 2014
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Celina is an amazing, pretty, athletic, and a very outgoing girl. Her fashion sense is is great. She's also very talented. Her personality is great! She's about 5'3 has dark hair and is so intelligent.
Did you see Celina?
Yeah I did she looks amazing!
by Loverguy May 04, 2017
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An amazing soccer player that is beautiful and everyone loves! She always has friends and is always busy
Hey Celina is hot!
by Soccer all day October 13, 2013
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A girl that is beautiful and spontaneous. Loves to make inside jokes with friends. Loves everyone equally. Amazing and awesome! :) the baddest bitch of them all.
Andrew- that girl right there is so beautiful!

Katherine- I know right he is one of my best friends!!! She is so amazing! Her name is Celina!
by Yo mommaaaaa November 18, 2012
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Related name to a cool, beautiful woman of captivating eyes, generally very good dancer, a girl that every man would like to marry her, sexy and sensual. Usually she is a pleasant woman although she claims to be cold.

yo: Man! this girl is a total Celina
javier: yeah! sheΒ΄s gorgeous, i love her belly dance tho
yo: IΒ΄m in love with her!!
javier: Me too dude!!, me too...
by javidraco September 19, 2006
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