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The act of a skiier wiping out big time. Usually classified by the uncontrolled flailing and loss of poles and skis.
The skiier who thought he was hot shit garage saled big time in the middle of the trail.
by AcR August 29, 2003

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Noun: That wierdo in the mirror.
Mom, the psycho's giving me strange looks again!
by ACR August 02, 2015

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kickass hardcore metal band up until
The curse. Aint love grand is an awesome song .. Gutted like a pig, all you want is the world to bleed,
someone somewhere stole your desire
The pain akin to, being punched in the throat, and stabbed in the chest
You would rather bleed than be without her
Gone are the tender whispers dancing in your ears
Replaced with lackluster memories you cry, your screams play in your empty room
It's so hard to see when your eyes are rolling in the back of your head
It's even harder to speak when everything you say just comes out wrong
Your bed swallows you whole as the days bleed together, torment on the lips
Of a loved one, and if you try hard enough,
you can almost taste her, feel her pass and
atreyu kicks ass but now they hav a preppy abercrombie pussies in their crowd
by acr June 25, 2005

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