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Woman Hitler
All the letters ar in each word

by Trent April 16, 2003

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1) Not being able to get off and lasting for an extended period of time

2) Not being able to get a flesh rocket ignited
Wow d-bag, I had some drunk dick with that chick last night. Damn, I owned that ho. HUGE
by Trent November 19, 2004

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a word used to define ones politeness to a woman in the south.
hey darlin, how are you today?
by Trent April 20, 2004

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To be correct and/or true, "hit the nail on the head".
The quarterback's pass was right on the money.
by trent March 13, 2005

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The act of being propa while marinating the stylie way. A form of expression when one is relaying a feeling of contentment to another being or object.

Something is being done correctly. A task has been performed with the intended results.
Yo peace time marinatedness propa propa stylie. I am feeling propa today! Yo, that's propa! Propa propa stylie. Or simply, propa propa!
by Trent June 01, 2004

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a place where n00bs and elitists combine to form a very dysfunctional online community.
Home of the elusive Boonjam
by Trent February 28, 2005

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In Missouri, a meshback is the kind of inbred, white-trash, inbred loser who wears a cheap adjustable baseball cap whose back half is made of nylon mesh. The hats tend to advertise trucking companies, fast food restaurants, or agricultural enterprises.
There was a pickup load of meshbacks that just pulled into the Casey's General Store to get a couple of cases of beer and 5 cans of Skoal.
by Trent March 03, 2004

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