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Ya know, when booties... uh... they uh... well, they... battle. Yeah.
by Trent August 23, 2003
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A person who has taken too many hard drugs and is slipping in and out of reality. Symptoms of 'flakyness' include dropping off to sleep, rolling of the eyes, slumped body language and a refusal to do anything constructive due to drug-enduced full-body shutdown.
Bob - "Jim, your lookin flaky man. How much have you had?"

Jim - "Ugh. Can't remember man. Nah, lowe it. Cba talking"

Jim passes out, slips off his chair and collapses on the floor. He breathes lightly.
by Trent May 10, 2007
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A. He who got his whinny skint in an air vent.
Man, I heard he got skinto.
by Trent February 12, 2003
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a word used to express the time or date in which you will meet up and smoke a whole fucking shitload of marijuana with all of your friends.
Also a holiday held on April 20 where everyone in the worlds celebrates the fact that they are raging potheads.
Hey Waylon, Happy 420....see you at 420 to smoke that dizzank.
by Trent April 20, 2004
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The hymen considered as a symbol of virginity.
by Trent August 10, 2003
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a place where n00bs and elitists combine to form a very dysfunctional online community.
Home of the elusive Boonjam
by Trent February 28, 2005
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