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a person who is really funny in a crazy way
Damn, boy, you are a trip.
by Bee May 05, 2004

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He blows La La.

Roll that La La!
by Bee August 22, 2003

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To exact calculated revenge on co-workers or schoolmates, usually with a firearm, after being fired or expelled or just feeling extremely hard-done-by.

Software tester Michael McDermott shot and killed seven co-workers in 2000 after having his pay docked to cover back taxes.
A disgruntled former worker went postal today leaving seven dead, including two accountants he had accused of being 'Nazis' the day before.
by bee March 22, 2005

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sudden nipple erection
wow its so cold i'm beginning to get sne
by bee December 02, 2003

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Stella Artois beer. Presumably because people who drink it beat their wives.
A pint of wife beater, please, barman!
by Bee January 28, 2005

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someone who is mentally challenged
that guy just walked into the flag pole, he is such a botart.
by bee February 26, 2004

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someone who is a filthy minger. or someone who is nasty and vile or disgusting.
"That bloke just sneezed on his hand and licked it - what a fucking mingbag."
by bee December 08, 2004

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