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Someone who (usually falsely) claims victimization any time things don't go their way. Everywhere this person goes, they believe someone is taking advantages of them. This person has many many stories of The Man keeping them down, numerous abuse incidents throughout their childhood and adolescence and adulthood. This person will regale you with stories of their failures as a result of someone other than themselves. It's never their fault, in whole or in part. Life just isn't fair for these people.

The professional victim cannot take responsibility for his or her own shortcomings and life failures, so they claim to be a victim of circumstance and/or other people.
Did you fail a test? Were you reprimanded by your boss? Did your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend leave your ass? Are you deep in credit card debt and have nothing to show for it? Well, claim victimization despite the facts and avoid ownership of the reality you helped create! Being a professional victim is great and once you start, you'll never stop - they never do! But be careful though - after about the 8th time you've been "victimized", you start to lose credibility and everyone wises up to you being a misery-loving freak. Or maybe you could just stop being a tool and stop blaming others for your miserable existence. But if you're a true professional victim, you won't.

A great example of a professional victim is Heather Mills.
by chingchongpingpong May 30, 2008
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A person who intentionally sets himself or herself up to be an accident victim, in order to collect liability insurance settlements from others.
The insurance investigator discovered that the pedestrian Mr. Wheeler's car had struck was a "professional victim," a retired circus acrobat, who'd been in fourteen similar "accidents," and in every case, he had recovered completely within a week of receiving the insurance settlement.
by hbquikcomjamesl March 25, 2010
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Someone paid to pretend to be a victim and to convince other people that they are victims. Generally they are known for playing the victim whenever anyone calls them out. Sargon of Akkad, for example.
Cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian called out professional victim Sargon of Akkad and he whined like a baby about it to his Youtube followers, who responded by sending him more money to continue playing the victim on Youtube.
by Valerie Morghulis November 22, 2017
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Any individual who makes visible, or becomes known for sharing negative personal experiences, or works to facilitate others to share there own experiences through means such as websites.

Nearly always used to refer to women, it is a common retort to discredit those who speak publicly about rape, or sexual harassment.
When bob saw women sharing their experiences on an internet forum, he was disgusted that anyone would be given attention for showing weakness. As he angrily started typing responses he thought to himself "I'll show these professional victims what happens, when you speak openly about uncomfortable topics".
by Jim McMoppet July 01, 2015
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