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People who are pro-life tend to be right-wing christians.They claim that we do not have the right to play god,however, right wing christians are usually pro-death penalty. These same people that also fight for pro-life like to send death threats and bomb and kill abortionists.
"Im pro-life so i think people who abort should get the death penalty"
"Um, so then how are you pro-'life'?"
*runs away*
by nego December 2, 2005
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The huge american conglomerate that controls what 99% of the radio stations play because they own them. This makes it hard for bands that harness a lot of talent but little money.
I would have made it big but clearchannel wouldn't play my fucking songs
by nego May 10, 2005
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The worst block in the worst hood of the city.
Welcome to d-block the mighty mighty d-block, the place in new york city where diddy dont even walk the part of yonkers i wouldn't be caught without two pistols on me that'll be cocked in each pocket
by nego December 6, 2005
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A phone call not just while under the influence as many say but because you ARE under the influence. Alcohol makes people more talkitive and open, therefore calling people to talk is much more likely under the circumstances. The following call (usually from a male to a female) is entitled "drunk dialing"
Also happens on coke
Tom was drunk dialing me yesterday he said some stupid shit
Yea you should stop sucking his dick for 2 months
by nego October 7, 2006
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A predominantly black neighborhood in West Philadelphia that borders predominantly white and Jewish. Bala Cynwyd in Lower Merion via city line. Black people from Wynnefield like to cross city line and steal the white kids bikes on their lawns.
"Dude, my friend from bala cynwyd got his bike stolen, returned, and stolen again in one week!!"
"Thats cuz u live a block away from wynnefield."
by nego October 4, 2005
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a person who thinks their cool because they act badass online. Usually comes in the form of a 12-year old boy.
iHole: yo you suck you pussy your a faggot
(you have been warned by iHole. your warning level is now 15%)
iHole:what do you think of that pussy?

Me: get a life you cum guzzler
by nego May 10, 2005
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a block in the city where one can go to buy narcotics.
"yo lets go get some weed"
"from who"
"lets go down to the block"
by nego October 31, 2005
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