A deceptive word usage or oxymoronic word. People who are pro-life are really only pro-birth. Once a person is born, people who are pro-life lose all interest in that person's life.
George W. Bush is Pro-life. His policies killed well over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he supports every fetus's right to be born. After that, he couldn't care less.
by MineralMan February 06, 2010
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being against abortion and stem cell research and other things like that which involve killing an unborn kid.

don't hate on be because of this, but i am mostly democratic and liberal but i am also pro life. i think that if a mom has a child that they can't take care of or one that they don't want, they should have been more responsible they should adopt. killing them isn't the answer.
she was pro life so she didn't get an abortion
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The attitude or philosophy that counts all human life as sacred and inviolable, from the moment that life exists, at conception, especially since the baby is alive and growing, and different in every way from either parent. Those who are pro-life reject abortion and euthanasia as murder.
The abortionist was intent on continuing his bloodthirsty destruction of babies for many years, and the law was doing nothing to prevent it. Being pro-life, we were left with a choice of taking one life, or turning our backs and allow the killing of thousands to continue. We dearly would have loved to take no life at all, but the abortionist, being a mass murderer, had prevented that choice from being available.
by Pro-Love Girl April 25, 2010
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People who do not support the killing of a fetus which has already been conceived. Most people who are pro muder oopps i mean pro choice argue that the the unborn child is apart of the womens body which is not true a body part of the women must share a common strand of dna which is not the case the unborn has a total unique geneatic strand of dna. The most popular argument may be well "what if the women were raped" this makes up less then one percent of abortions and dosent make too much sense to kill unborns because theyre mother was raped but i guess two wrongs do make a right in this case.
JANE:"We got drunk and had unprotected sex a few months ago"
JOE: "O SHIT i totally forgot about that"
JANE:"dont worry we can kill it and forget it ever happend"
JOE:"o thank goodness, make sure we do it and those pro life closeminded intolerant pricks make us stop killing our unborn,"
JANE:"sure thing"
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one who believes in the protection of life once it has been created, but specifically unborn life.
in regard to abortion, (s)he believes that the "right to choose" lies in the choice to have sex, and if human life is created (at CONCEPTION), the choice is no longer the woman's. not necessarily an activist, but often unafraid to defend his/her position and attempt to persuade others that abortion is a horrific, murderous act.
the pro-lifers i know are not fundamentalists, but do have a religious- or moral-based concern for everyone's the right to life
by ann marie89 November 19, 2004
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Someone who believes that ALL life is sacred not just the life of an unborn human being. True pro-lifers do not support capital punishment.
John is a true pro-lifer, he believes that all life is sacred and should not be killed for convenience(98% of abortions are for convenience,not medical or rape) or to prove that killing is wrong.
by The Truth May 18, 2005
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