a fag that lacks both tobacco and a filter to create a 'prison stylee' fag. the filter is replaced with roach.
jim: 'you having a burn mate'? ...

jason: 'yeah but it's going be prison stylee bruv'
by 4205 March 8, 2011
to forcibly fuck someone in the ass.
Yeti took josh prison style over the pallet of jeans.
by THE PUNISHER March 28, 2003
To have your way with an opposing sporting team in a particularly violent, callous and aggressive manner.
The Canterbury rugby team violated Wellington prison style during the 2009 ANZC final.
by Ali's Choice July 30, 2010
When you are tired of eating the regular flavored Ramen noodles, you get creative and throw in random food items to spice up the flavor, just as those who are in prison would eat them.
Man, these Ramen noodles are tasting pretty bland, I think I need to throw in some chips and tobasco sauce...you know, make those prison style noodles.
by hayren July 8, 2010
Prison sex between big bubba and some other dude.Which is hella wrong,but in a way funny.
Gaylords batty men village people
two guy's bonin' early in the monin'
by thebestguyonearth January 22, 2005