Yo mycuzzin and his girl woke errbody uast night when they was bonin'. they was mad loud.
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
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Listenin and bumpin Bone Thugs n Harmony music.

Bone Thugs n Harmony are a group of 5 rappers coming from Cleveland, Ohio.
-Hey what you doin?

-I'm bonin'
by Rita H September 2, 2006
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Adj. Term describing something very good or unique. The highest level of description.
That new car is so bonin'!
by Oliver Hutton April 8, 2007
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It's when you bone two or more (usually three) of the hottest babes you know, at the same time. A few rules apply
1) You must know or have met all the babes
2) They must be hot as fuck
3) A sum of money may be involved to stimulate their participation
4) Video equipment may be utilized for future benification
5) You must literally bone every babe, all at once, for it to be true bonination
6) All the babes must get with eachother too
Hombre 1: So yesterday I achieved bonination
Hombre 2: No way, with who?
Hombre 1: my girlfriend Kat, Liz, and Joy, that chick who works at that mexican resteraunt
by Seth March 9, 2004
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pronounced "bone-ination" -- the art of a single male propogating multiple females simultaneously; often involves a fee; also, videotaping that sweet cash is common
Guy 1: Yo, guess what I did last night!
Guy 2: What, fuckface?
Guy 1: I achieved bonination. Total bonination. And it only cost me 5 g's.
by the boninator March 8, 2004
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What me and the slatts are.
by Bonin rone October 7, 2019
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Dangerous and destructive fires ignited by vagrants accumulating under the leadership of Los Angeles City Council Member Mike Bonin.
My house was burned down by a Bonin Fire originating in a Garcity.
by DonnieLA August 28, 2019
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