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20 definitions by thebestguyonearth

something rudy brito said to the band teacher after being told to "shut up"
the band teacher=Shut up before i send you outta here, thats your second strike
rudy= It was the first time sucka!
by thebestguyonearth December 28, 2004
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An African-American comedian.
sadly, HE IS NOT FUNNY DL has a tendency to make Black vs.white jokes and sucks at telling them.
And he uses STALE JOKES, like a white guy can get a job and black guy can't.
DL if you are reading this,please try making some other jokes like BRUCE BRUCE.
I am no psychic, but I don't think he has a chance at a second season on "Comedy" central
by thebestguyonearth August 7, 2005
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like saying "I told you so"
guy2:no 2+2=4
guy1:oh I get it
guy1:dooka dooka
by thebestguyonearth December 6, 2003
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