In male prisons, same-sex relations that usually follow strict role assignments in which one or more prisoners is/are the the daddy, or dominant partner(s), who penetrate or receive fellatio from a submissive partner, who may or may not being a willing participant. While most prison sex follows this highly scripted pattern, there are occasionally flip-flops, men who penetrate or fellate each other by mutual consent.
I heard that afta 18 months locked up, DaShawn over on D-Block couldn't take doin' without no mo' and let that sissy on his tier give'em some prison sex.
by BxMuscle March 15, 2008
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the act of homosexual intercourse performed without the aid of lubrication.
Don't pick up the soap without your back to the wall lads.
by My May 12, 2003
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Male-on-male anal sex in which the top stands up and the bottom bends over, usually grabbing his ankles, his butt to top's junk. This is considered the fastest and easiest way for top to pentrate and fuck to orgasm, if not the most esthetically pleasing. Out of prison, the bottom can be female or male.

Indeed, "prison sex" is often the preferred method of sex in prison, where quickies are key. It is not to be confused with conjugal visits, which imply no particular sexual positioning between partners.

"Whaddaya mean, Joe's too tall for you? Have him bend over and grab his ankles -- you've never heard of prison sex?"

"I like to look my fuckee in the face, Dude. Prison sex to me is all about efficiency and nothing about romance."

"Believe me, if you both want it bad enough, you'll find a way . . . maybe several different ways."
by al-in-chgo May 20, 2010
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The rough, kinky sex that couples have when one of them has been in prison for over 6 months, or when a really horny girl just wants to get off in a short amount of time and treats her man like a sex toy/rag doll. can also take place during congigal visits.
how in the hell did you cause $2000 worth of damage at in that motel room amanda?!?!? and amanda simply replied, prison sex.
by chocolitelamas November 3, 2005
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A song by famous prog metal band "TOOL" from their 1993 album "Undertow". it is considered to be one of their most disturbing song since it focuses on the subject of sexual abuse.
The music video for prison sex fucking creeped me out
by Deezmemes July 31, 2021
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when two people have sex while they're on bars aka xanax aka handlebars.
"John and Kate were so barred out at the party. I bet they went home & had prison sex."
by H-town Tx August 12, 2008
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