Evolved from the Progressive Scene Incorporating Heavy Metal. Usually Very Melodic Vocals and Complex Song Structure and very Technical. Very Epic with some songs at about 25 minutes long.

Similar Genres: Power Metal. Melodic Metal. Death Metal (just with roaring).
Vanden Plas are just about the Best Prog Metal you can get!
by Mr W April 8, 2004
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Music Genre that involves an unlimited ammount of rythms and melodies in the same song, very long duration of them, different time patterns in a same chorus for example... Thousands of notes per minute and infinite influence of jazz, blues and rock. The term "prog" is usually asociated to long songs with tempo changes and glorious notes. Some bands like Dream Theater and Opeth still make the world listen to this kind of metal, more acceptable for neutral audience.

The progressive metal bands are usually conformed by very high-leveled musicians, oftenly born in a music family environment and influenced by prog rock bands like Yes, Queen, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Emerson lake and Palmer, and others...
Prog Metal Bands: Liquid Tension Experiment - Opeth - Dream Theater - Communic - Frost.
by Shy_m0m0 July 20, 2006
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Prog metal (which means Progress Metal) is the form of Metal that is going to help rock take over the world. Death Metal is included in Prog Metal.
Stratovatus were great, I sure do love prog metal more than nu-metal!
by Nudger January 2, 2004
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