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v. in American Football, an engagement between a defensive linemen and offensive lineman where the defensive linemen tosses the (typically 320 lb.) offensive lineman away like a rag doll, usually with ensuing similar deleterious actions imparted to the ball carrier. It would be the reciprocal of a pancake, where the offensive lineman drills the defensive lineman backwards into the ground and then lands on top of him.
Yoi and Double Yoi! Big Snack just trew the Seatlle centah away like a rag doll, an den sacked Hasselbeck. I'll bet dat Hasselbeck hopes da refs don't throw any more holdin' flags on him.

Myron Cope, calling Casey Hampton's sack of Matt Hasselbeck in Super Bowl XL.
by Dan Weyandt February 27, 2012
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a person you could easily throw away or have dissapear and no one would miss or notice they were gone.
oh man, jack is such a rag doll! if someone got rid of him no one would even notice.
by askeifkkk September 15, 2007
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a women that is used for sexual purposes by a man with a higher status being either social or economic.
OMG, look at that prep school kid with his little rag doll.
by yehc December 15, 2008
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west coast beach slang. the act of getting flailled around by large ocean waves.
whoa! i got totally rag-dolled on that set. rag-doll
by sandspit September 11, 2007
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To have sex so wild that the chick gets all tossed around and like hair is sweat stuck to her face and you're all like gripping her face up and pulling hair. Pretty much banging her out like a rag doll. There.
Yo I was banging her last night and it was wild. I totally rag dolled her all over the place.
by Hey yous July 14, 2008
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(n.)A woman you can normally visit and toss her around a bit... you know what i mean.
She's usually donw for anything without emotional attachment.
see fuck buddy
"Let me call Julie up, she can be my Rag Doll for the evening."
"I hired my secretary cuz' she looks like a total Rag Doll."
by Bewtyhole Destruction September 17, 2008
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