alcoholic beverages consumed at someone's house/residence before an evening of partying at a bar or nightclub, the premise being to save cash which you would otherwise have to spend at the establishment in order to get fully buzzed.
"let's pick up some primers before we go bar-hopping tonight."
by hipster November 24, 2005
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The girl or woman that accompanies a prostitute on a multiple trick call. The primer's job is to give the tricks a brief blow job, so as to shorten the time the actual prostitute must spend with each individual. Also know as the "sucker".
We can't go up north to the plant until we get the primer. There are ten guys there and it will be too much work without her.
by Sean Layman May 12, 2006
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The small circular piece of metal (usu. brass) at the base of a bullet, where the firing pin in the chamber of a firearm hits to make a spark and ignite the bullet's powder.
Student: Why can't we use that bullet? It's a 9x19mm, isn't it?
Instructor: Yes, but it's a dud.
Student: What?
Instructor: As you can see, there is a dent in the primer. It was hit by the hammer, but did not spark, and therefore did not eject from the barrel.
by GameBoy83 May 12, 2006
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a derogatory slur against players with The Prime role in Bridge Scrimmages
Goddraken: sup primers
by reamers January 19, 2022
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A series of 5-6 short talks (<10 minutes) that prepare, and make a captive audience ready for a particular purpose around a real-world topic e.g. "Urban Mobility" "Future Workplace" "Zero emissions" "Zero Returns" "Frontline Safety".
Collaborative discussion needs to make a connection fast, be open-ended, bound to trigger something after. This format tries to kill the small talk and get to the point. Primer talks goal is to facilitate perspectives, and speaker and audience engagement after.

Audiences want real-world decision makers making it happen, not innovation theatre. Primer talks are used to set the stage for immersive problem solving workshops design sprint, a hackathon, "blue-sky" design thinking etc. IT is the contextual awareness that that is needed to start! It is the undercoat!
by devXbot April 20, 2020
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Party held in dorm room or apartment downtown early on a Friday night, usually around 6:00pm. These were held to “Prime” pregameyourself for a night of drinking. It is always easier to get a good buzz on before heading out to the bars, than to spend $4.00 for a bottle of bud when you can get a suitcase for $20.00
That was some primer party last night, I got so snotted I never made it downtown
by Tackleberry October 20, 2005
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An Autobot holding the rank of Prime who's exterior lack paint, thus he is decorated only by primer
Optimus' paint got chipped off, I guess he's the Primer Prime now.
by Makuta Prime August 13, 2017
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