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Someone who 40-year-old British men are deathly afraid of, but when I was 9 and getting 4 cavities filled was just patiently waiting for my little toy/prize and new toothbrush.
Brit: Well bloody Hell there old chap, I reckon I despise that blasted dentist, but me mum she says I got to.
Me: Actually, I just went yesterday and was glad to get cleaned up. It's like a fresh start, you know?
by GameBoy83 May 17, 2006

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The small circular piece of metal (usu. brass) at the base of a bullet, where the firing pin in the chamber of a firearm hits to make a spark and ignite the bullet's powder.
Student: Why can't we use that bullet? It's a 9x19mm, isn't it?
Instructor: Yes, but it's a dud.
Student: What?
Instructor: As you can see, there is a dent in the primer. It was hit by the hammer, but did not spark, and therefore did not eject from the barrel.
by GameBoy83 May 12, 2006

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(The MODERN spelling of) one of the shades of a prism, like red, blue, green, yellow, etc. Colors are decided by the amount of light that is absorbed or reflected by the human eye. Don't give me any crap about this "colour" shit and it being "the original spelling". Any educated person living in the 21st century knows that the word isn't pronounced "kul-oo-wer". It's 2 syllables: "kul-er" And stop bitching. After all, this is an American website. If it was European, I wouldn't care.
Steve: "The book says 'add two teaspoons of red dye for colour, and--'"
Jon: "What!?!? 'COLOUR'!?!? AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! @&%#$!!!! IT'S F*****NG COLOR!!!!!!!!!
by GameBoy83 May 17, 2006

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