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A series of narrow islands off the coast of the North Carolina mainland. An absolutely beautiful part of the world, especially in summer time. A great place to vacation if you wish to just sit back, relax at the ocean or on the balcony of a house and watch the sunset and the winds come in.
I think I've died and gone to the Outer Banks.
by kwashia January 11, 2005
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Alias for resident of 1st Left Dorchester Hall at St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Astounding physical resemblance.
"Even Sinbad's mom said he looked like Sinbad!"
by kwashia March 4, 2005
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A word used to describe failed diplomacy. Derived from the combination of 'diplomacy' and 'bam!' Before diplomacy is completed successfully, it is halted and discontinuted as the result of a violent act, thus the 'bam!' sound which is reminiscent of the sound that a fist punch made in old comics.
Adam: So are we cool about that last prank?

Greg: Well I guess so. Yeah we're-- DIPLOMABAM!

Adam: Ahh! My face!!!
by kwashia March 29, 2005
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On a polo shirt, the style of lifting the collar up instead of having it in its natural, down position.
"If I see another popped collar, necks will be broken!"
by kwashia January 11, 2005
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Modern painter and telivison teacher. Known for his large, white-man 'fro, punctual 30 minute painting sessions, and soothing voice. Often refers to the inanimate objects (trees, rocks, mountians etc.) he is painting as real and lonely, whereby out of pity he will paint another inanimate object as a 'friend' to the first. Paints against an all black background and is often shown on PBS in the wee hours of the morning.
"My botany Professor talks exactly like Bob Ross. He keeps calling flowers and trees 'happy' and placing them near each other because he claims they will become friends. And cause of his voice, I have yet to stay awake for an entire lecture."
by kwashia February 1, 2005
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The "billionare tyrant" media mogul who built a world-wide media empire out of just a few Australian newspapers. Founder and CEO of NewsCorp, the parent company of such broadcasting networks as FOX and Sky. While he has not broken any monopoly laws, he has through skill and cunning managed to bypass them to control huge portions of the media in such countries as India and Australia. Unquestionably right-wing, he has made no secret that his networks are made to "promote his values." It's not like it's a secret, though many would have you believe otherwise.

Also of note: He is the arch-nemisis of the pencil-thin moustache wearin', traitor-banging, moody American media mogul Ted Turner who owns the city of Atlana including the Falcons, the Braves in addition to such cable networks as CNN, TNT, TBS and TMC among others. He once challanged Murdoch to a pay-per-view boxing match which the entire world (myself in particular) would love to see.

I share his birthday too: March 11th.
You started with a mere one dollar and managed to control most of the western world? Bravo, Jimmy. You're a regular Rupert Murdoch.
by kwashia February 3, 2005
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The act of being crushed by a falling jet engine.
Yo! What the fuck! My car totally got Donnie Darkoed! What's the number for the fucking F.A.A.? They're gonna get a piece of my mind!
by kwashia March 29, 2005
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