Uptempo beat that resets every 8 or 16 bars
Smoke held that Socket for like 20 mins. straight.
by D-Roc March 11, 2003
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1. (n) A hole that you plug something in to, like a lightbulb.
2a. (n) A derogatory term for a woman or girl whose only purpose in life is as a receptical for penile penetration.
2b. (n) An affectionate term for a sex partner who is about to become a receptical for penile penetration.
3. (n) The vagina, anus, or mouth of said woman or girl.

See also Cock-socket.
1. "I can't get this lightbulb in the socket!"
2a. "That chick's a socket if I ever saw one. She's had more dick in her than Mrs. Nixon."
2b. "Come here, my little socket. I've got something for you."
3. "Shut your socket, bitch, before I plug it with my dick."
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"to socket" someone is for a female to have sex with a man. The female equivalent of "to bone".
"Damn I'd like to socket him!"
by emmelineysun August 12, 2011
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A completely platonic act of intimacy in which one party (possessing an outty belly button) connects with another party (possessing an inny belly button) by inserting or “socketing” the corresponding body parts like matching puzzle pieces
Hey guys, I just invented socketeering!”
“Shut up, Jackson!”
Note: as far as I’m aware this is the only way this word has ever been used in conversation.
by Gofein March 11, 2021
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like a frocket (front pocket) but on the side. aka a side pocket, usually the term refers to the tiny pocket found on the inside of Nike fit shorts or jeans
Person 1: what is that thing sticking out of your Nike fits?

Person 2: it's my socket, duhh.
by Jew-ish132 April 28, 2010
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Scottish rhyming slang. A shortened version of "socket plug", ie "dug", which is how folks in these parts pronounce "dog". A munter, by any other name.
"See that burd Vinnie was oot wi the other night man? Whit a fuckin socket"
by joe kane February 03, 2004
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