When you eat a shitload of grass, which doesn't digest, the next time you shit it's almost pure green
example- Nick: Bryan what the fuck took you so long to take a shit

Bryan: I had major fucking ass weed cause i eat grass cause im a fucking cow.
by N53Nick May 13, 2009
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Really fine cannabis. High quality marijuana that provides an intense effect.
Yo. We be hittin' an' jammin' at da party after smokin' some dank ass weed.
by Billy Be Da Poppa' October 22, 2015
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People that is just stuck up and annoying and think they are all that
I can’t stand Bethany she is such a (wack ass weeds
by Kimmmmmm353 July 7, 2019
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A Pot Head who's shits began to smell nothing but weed
"Bro, Dace the smokers shit smells just like weed now"
"Yea mans she's got weed ass"
by Myles Madrigal March 25, 2020
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