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A term coined by Gerald Celente and often used by independent journalists and writers in the alternative media in reference to journalists and talking heads in the mainstream media who give biased and predetermined views in favor of the government and corporations, thus neglecting their fundamental duty of reporting news impartially. It is a portmanteau of press and prostitute.
Let me tell you something Alex, as soon as the economy collapses the presstitutes will be clamoring for war to distract the American people from the domestic problems.
by Prankster August 03, 2012
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Either an individual reporter or news broadcaster, or a media news group, who reports to be unbiased, but is in fact tailoring their news to suite someone's goal (usually corporations or big business political affiliates).
The media is being accused of being a presstitute by many internet sites for downplaying Ron Paul as a GOP candidate in the 2012 elections.
by Gilgamesh1000 February 06, 2012
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One who "screws" the general public by intentionally sumbitting false or mis-leading information to the Press. Esp. for politicians and news folks.
Our congressperson really presstituted themselves with that interview.
That politician is a known presstitute.
by Tripod SRQ October 13, 2008
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Journalist who are paid to malign image of a person or a country.
The Presstitutes would go to any extent to disregard an effort of Narendra Modi
by Riddler1811 January 29, 2016
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A presstitute is a journalist who will print or not print any story if payed to do so. Usually the presstitutes boss acts as a pimp because people will pay off the boss and he/she as pimp will make sure his hoes does what the client wants.
Fox news is full of presstitutes and they are all pimped my Murdoch but the liberal media channels are mostly independent hoes who will do any client for their own gain.
by saharadryhumor January 03, 2015
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A member of the media who will alter their story and reporting based on financial interests or other ties with usually partisan individuals or groups.
Robert Novak's latest column supporting this administration's criminal policies show that he is nothing more than a presstitute.
by Nicholas Sasson February 09, 2006
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